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Action Recorder is an easy-to-use mouse and keyboard recording tool. It can record all your mouse and keyboard actions, and then repeat all the actions. This tool can save you a lot of time and effort, it can be very useful for you. And you can create scheduled tasks with it easily.

Key Features:
  • Record all mouse and keyboard actions and repeat accurately
  • Set repeat times and the delay between two repeating
  • Set repeat speed faster or slower
  • Create scheduled tasks easily
  • Comes with Auto Clicker and Auto Presser

Action Recorder screenshot

How to Use

As you can see there are just two buttons - 'Record' and 'Repeat'. So it is very easy to use. What you need to do is just click 'Record', and then do whatever you want to do (move the mouse and typing on the keyboard).
Start to Record

When you have completed what you want to do, then click the Stop Button in the lower right corner of the screen or press Shift + F2 to stop recording. After this the program will prompt you to save the Record.
Save Record

Then select the record and click 'Repeat' to repeat what you just did while recording.
Repeat Record
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